Morning treasures

I'd rather have roses on my table than diamonds on my neck.
Emma Goldman

Some flowers in the morning sunlight - from my table to yours!
A lovely friend from Paris brought me these roses the other day, saying hat she thought, this shade of pink was exactly me - so sweet of her! 

Soft pink opens the heart and makes people more peaceful and gentle. In an actual experiment, hens were given pink glasses, that prevented them from fighting with each other - and it worked! I'm  putting my pink glasses on today and step out tp spread some love ;)

Have a fantastic start to your week dear ones, and don't forget to notice the little things 
that make you SPARKLE with delight!

There's still a chance to enter my current giveaway and win your fashion portrait - 
have a look here!

Photo: Martine Voigt-Schmid

Morning Coffee

A new portrait drawing, playing with color and textures. It was done after an old picture of Supermodel Kate Moss, who continues to rock the world of glam ads and fashion with her nonchaöante air and cool sense of style.

In truth, if i was a smoker, i'd probably be chain-smoking now, for i'm so frustrated and nervous, that my internet still doesn't work and i'm so out of my usual wye of communication. Not to think of the giveaway i started, and was then so not able to promote ...

But - let's be grateful for the little things, right? For the first signs of spring here in cold germany, for little flowers showing their colorful heads, for sunshine beaming into my window yesterday, for lovely friends visiting -  and for your patient support.

You can still enter my giveaway and win YOUR OWN PORTRAIT here. I'm delighted to read, what makes you sparkle - and send you some extra brightness for the rest of your week! 

Valentine Giveaway!

Happy Valentines lovelies!

You are special, you are sparkling and you are wonderful!
I'd like to celebrate this day with a special giveaway:

A colored portrait sketch of YOU!
If you win, i'll do your portrait and post it here. 
I'll also send you a high quality image of your sketch 
and a high quality print for you to frame if you want to.

To participate in this, you have to tell me, 
what helps you to feel SPARKLING?
Also, you have to follow my blog - or tell me, if you already do so.
You win 2 additional entries,
 if you post about this on your blog or on facebook -
and send me the link.

Am so looking forward to your entries and - don't forget to celebrate LOVE!
 The winner will be announced at the beginning of March here.

P.S: Loved this Russian fairytale outfit above - it's a style by Ulyana Sergeenko and i colord it due to my own inspiration. This is, what i'd wear on a carneval ball!

Drawing: Martine Voigt-Schmid

February fashion

Hello lovelies and welcome 
to a sparkly new week! 
February, here in germany, is a carnival month, were people dress up in costumes, have parades and try to not take everything so seriously - hard for the germans ;)

It also is officially the last real month of winter, where the days start to become longer and brighter again and we all start dreaming about spring.

And - of course it's also and maybe foremost the month of LOVE and celebrating Valentines.

So, there are many good reasons to shake of winter gloom and trat yourself - maybe to a special outfit - today. Even if you don't feel like buying anything - sometimes, just combining the things you have in a new way, makes - the special LOOK

Have tried my hands on a new fashion sketch these days, featuring a playful winter look with a super-thick wool jacket, layered over a jeands jacket over a little dress with black tights.
Do you have a look, you specially like for this time of year?

As you may have noticed, i'm still very slow in blogging and commenting BUT this thursday someone promised us to come to our house and fix our phone and intrenet connection. It's been a long stretch of time now, so THANK YOU so much for sticking up with me still.

Am sending you sprinkles for todays cupcakes - and - 
will have a special Valentines giveaway for you this friday!

Drawing: Martine Voigt-Schmid

Garden of Transformations

The "Garden of Transformations"
is a project by my painter friend Sabina Wörner from the Netherlands. She did  a series of 12 vibrant portraits of women from different countries, all of them now living in Germany or Holland.

All of them, as well as Sabina herself, who switches between Germany and Holland and has an english background. had to transform their personalities, their habits, their way of living to something wider - and surely more colorful. Most of them have experienced pain and loss, yet the women shown in these paintings all look fresh and alive ans yes - sparkling, i think!
To find out more. you can visit Sabinas Website here.
 There will be an exibition of this Series on the 6th of march in Cologne - watch the website for details! And have a lovely midweek!