Monday Love: New colour inspiration

My favourite idea: Bring the sky into your room!

Feeling blue can look really nice!

Yellow brings the sunshine in - i love this joyful colour scheme!

Soft shades of lavender for a female, romantic feel

And this is - quite unusual but very chic! Decorating rooms for a cute little hotel is one of my favorite daydreams!

New colours wanted? These rooms caught my eye - and they make me want to redecorate, or at least start some huge new paintings in these gorgeous shades of blue, violet, pink, turquoise and yellow!

All photos by courtesy of marie claire maison

Let your art guide you - weekly challenge

Still working on the peonies. I've posted this painting the other day, but this time painted the flowers.

No finished artworks, just glimpses of my messy studio.
I've been playing with shades of blue, letting the colour run and drip while contemplating about water and how precious it is. Can't get that oil spill out of my save the live of the ocean - but what to do?

Meanwhile my friend Andrea saved a little baby titmouse her son found on the street, naked and almost dead. With a lot of love, warmth and many insects they managed to bring it to live, and it grows from day to day, growing feathers and flapping it's tiny wings. Reminds me of a quote i read the other day by mother Theresa:
"We cannot all do great things, but we can do small things with great love"

I hope you've had some creative adventures as well and can't wait to visit you soon!

Monday Love: A trip to Rome

My nephew Leo, who talks italian like a pro, with cute litte Lotti, who was the star during our trip. We loved having dinner in the Trattoria Ottello, which is worth visiting - deliciously homemade cuisine!

Fashion kids: My son Marin (with new shades!), Leo and Lotti at a family feast for the celebration of my nice and nephews kommunion and firmung (catholic sactraments)and my friend Sophies daughter Olivia at the Foro Romana (photo courtesy by her).

The Pantheon, a very impressive place we visit again and again. Even with tons of tourists trampling through each day it hasn't lost it's magic. There's tons of other places i'd like to show, these are just little glimpses of the biggest museum in the world!

My trip to the eternal city this may has also been a little excursion into summer - which doesn't want to arrive here it seems! I love the city - it's so vibrant and humming with ancient art and nowadays fashion.

The colours are gorgeous, especially in the soft evening sun: white marble, gold ochre and pale pink colored palazzi and town houses. The women have this elegant way of walking, and i've never seen men better dressed then here. Italians seem to have that natural sense of fashion and style. I'm so lucky to have my bro and family living there, - so i can return time after time. Thank you Alex & Julia!

Let your art guide you - weekly challenge

Moving hearts. Our heart can smile, love, fly, cry, sing and dance. It's colour may change from day to day, from a pale pink glow to a deep crimson fire and it carries us through all of lives ups and downs. It has a language of it's own that can be translated into poetry, music or painting. A little game of watercolours for our creative thursday.

Monday Love

Optimist: Person who travels on nothing from nowhere to happiness.
Mark Twain

Sweet, playful, romantic - not what a monday morning usually feels like. Today i need some dream time before i start working - and these beautiful pieces of jewellery just fit perfectly with that mood. I want to put on a white dress, one of Tamars necklaces and then go and pick a big wild flower bouquet!

Pictures via Nest Pretty things

Rendevouz with a fairy

Planet tree house

A secret studio

Enchanted place near the water

A place for the seven dwarfs

Gettaway for fairy architects

All Pictures via marie-claire maison

Aren't they cute, these little houses out in the woods? Everyday life is not allowed to enter, these are places for a rendevouz with a fairy, with your inner self, or maybe a beloved faun, who brings his flute and a picknick basket. Listening to the wind in the trees, the birds singing, the bees humming brings back harmony and a sense of calm. Come on out!

Let your art guide you - weekly challenge

Poppies are so beautiful - but you cannot pick them and put them into a vase! This painting is called "Poppy girls", and somehow i felt drawn to deep and passionate red. The week's been hot with tension for me, lots of work, difficult things to deal with, hot and damp weather - and red seemed just the colour. Now i feel ready to plunge into deep blue water and relax.
What's your favourite colour at the moment?

Come and get creative with us at art n' sewl - we share our work every thursday.

Look at things in a new way

Doily dress by ArmoursansAnguish

Doily table runner - with great tutorial on how to make it - from Ashley Anne – under the sycomore

Covered Stones by Knittalatte

For example doilies - hopelessly old fashioned, would have been my first thought - until i've discovered these ideas. Now i wish i still had a grandmother, who could make some for me, to give one of these projects a go.
Maybe the next visit to the fleamarket will offer opportunities - what do you think?

Childhood memories

photos courtesy of joules

Kids fashion is what occupies me at the moment in my work for the magazine. We did a shooting the other week with two sweet kids, and were so lucky to catch the one dry and sunny day in a whole month of nothing but rain. Sorting out the pictures is difficult, but also fun. I'm also discovering a lot of interesting new labels - and one of them is "Little joule".

I like the the style and the photos a lot. Don't they transport you back into your own childhood? I think of holidays at my grandparents. Exploring old barns, smelling old wood and other things with great intensity, dreaming of adventures i'd like to play with my friends ... A summer full of fantasie and sweet surprises.