Monday Love: Sweet inspiration

Be Kind 
Treat yourself and others with kindness when you eat, exercise, play, work, love, and everything else. When you think, feel, and act kindly, you hasten your ability to connect to the power of intention.  
Wayne Dyer 

Whatever is on your plate today - be kind to yourself and savour at least one conscious moment with all your senses, be there, enjoy it to the brim!  Have a fabulous start to your week lovelies! Can you believe May is almost here?

Time flies, and sometimes it's just impossible to cram it all into one day - the life, and communicating about it on more than one channel. Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, blogging ... Are you experiencing an overdose of social media sometimes? I want to link here to a post by my blogfriend Anna from IHOD i find important to read.

Photo: Martina Voigt-Schmid

Lemon-almond cupcakes

Life is uncertain.  Eat dessert first. 
Ernestine Ulmer
 I'm a big fan of all things lemon and almond, so i thought, combining the two things in a cupcake might be wonderful! These are the sweeteies i was talking about in the other post and if you feel like baking this weekend - give it a try! 

The topping is invented by me and tastes very good on toasted bread as well. It's a mix of cream cheese, some whipped cream, lemon juice, a bit of sugar and a few spoonful of lemon curd.
As for the dough, you can use the recipe here.

I'm so glad the weekend is here for i've been tired all week! It's supposed to be a sunny one and we have planned: shopping at the farmers market, a barbecue with friends, some gardening ns maybe a lovely walk in the vineyards. What are you up to lovelies?

Photos: Martina Voigt-Schmid

P:S.: Does anyone know, where in the new blogger surface i can type in my tags for the posts? I just don't find it!

View some of my paintings!

This one is called "Giselle" and is a cooperative work with my artist friend Andea König - it got sold already. Just added my portfolio to the sidebar here for those of you who wanted to see more of my work - you're welcome! 

How's your week going so far lovelies? So much rain here still and i'm tired. Just had coffee and lovely lemon cupcakes i baked yesterday - wish i could invite you over to share a bite. More about this here soon.

Friday art: Spring rain

Let the sunshine in!

Dear April, although i've got a very nice new umbrella, i'd love to pack it away until autumn and wear my equally new pink ballerinas. Rain is lovely sometimes, but look, we've been waiting so long now, can you PLEASE let the sun shine a little bit? Cheers to a sunny and lovely weekend friends, i so want to have tea with you outside!

Photos: Eitan Vitkon (photographed by me at "art Karlsruhe")

Monday love: Color games

these colorful and artistic pictures of our gorgeous friend Julie Gaston - they make me forget april colds and grey skies! Have a fab monday sweet friends!

Model: Julie Gaston. Styling/Fotos: Patty Dries und Virginia Schraml

Have a sweet weekend!

 Cupcakes are made of butter, flower, sugar and love!

Weekend is coming lovelies. any plans yet? I'll be preparing my hubbies birthday which is on sunday, and not only piant cupcakes, but also bake some maybe! Am working on a series of small canvases, all around lovely things to eat - more about this here soon. 

Painting and photo: Martina Voigt-Schmid

Time to flower

Trees round my place match up to these pictures, alas it's way too cold to wear pretty spring couture and lay in the green grass to soak up midday sun! This is from an editorial by amazing Aussie photographer Corrie Bond and they so match my mood today.  Oh, i can't way to say goodbye to wolly sweaters for a while - how about you? Cheers to a funtastic new week of spring loveies!

Monday Love: Spring flowers

"Novels are like paintings, specifically watercolors. Every stroke you put down you have to go with. Of course you can rewrite, but the original strokes are still there in the texture of the thing. "
Joan Didion

Just a bit of watercolor happiness to get your week of to a lovely start.  I once did it for a series of potscards and it reminded me of how long it is i sat outside with my paper and colors, painting "al fresco" - something i really wish to get back to this spring! Easter is coming realy close now - have yo planned anything fun?

Painting: "Honeycourt" by MartinaVoigt-Schmid