Monday Love: DIY booksign

Nostaligc photos ...
i have a whole box of them, and sometimes i open it and revell in the spirit of times past by looking at portraits of my great-grandmother, countess Marie-Louise D'Harnoncourt and her brothers, sisiters and cousins. She was an adventurous spirit who once ran away from her home chateau with her house teacher and caused a big scandal. One day, i would like to write her story. This year however, i got the photos out to play and my good friend Monika designed sweet ideas for handmade presents for our magazine KidsLife, using these romantic pictures.  

These booksigns are easy to make. She printed the photos in desired size on lazertran and ironed them on pretty, eggshell colored cardbord, cut it in shape and adorned it with simple, elegant ribbons. They adds such a lovely, personal note to your presents, if you intend to give away books.

Have a fabulous start to your week dear ones - and see you soon!

Photo: Robin Benito

Mini spa vacation

Fire at the poolside ...
was maybe the best thing about the monastery "Marienhöh" we have visited for the past 3 days. The nuns have given up the place and now it is transformed into a lovely spa-hotel in the midst of quiet woods and meadows, far away from everything. It's a perfect hideway place, very friendly and beautifully done, and i so enjoyed taking some time with my hubby to just relax, swim - and eat lots of good food after a peroid of so much work! Will take the feeling into the weekend with me. Have you started decorating your house for christmas yet?

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Monday Love: DIY-candle holders

Happy monday lovelies!
Since the evenings are getting longer and darker now, we need more light in the house - especially candle-light. Although the flames may be tiny, they really do warm us and lighten up feelings as well! These glas-holders are an idea from our latest issue of KidsLife, and they are so easy to make. You cut papaer doillies and fix them with a straw-ribbon on simple glasses. Put a tealight in and - voilá, it looks so pretty!

Photo: Robin Benito

DIY christmas ornaments

Get ready to see things in a different light!

This is an idea from our recent KidsLife-issue: Sweet christmas ornaments made from house and baking supplies. These cupcake papercups make such a sweet hanger - all you need to add is thread and some beads. The weather here is grey and cold - just right for a crafting and tea-afternoon. Are you planning to create something this weekend?

Photo: Robin Benito

Street fashion: Camel coat

“Grab your coat, and get your hat, Leave your worry on the doorstep Just direct your feet, To the sunny side of the street.”
Dorothy Fields

There's just something about camel-coats that makes you look so chic! Every girl should have one - you put it one, and you're dressed. Wether it's long and glamorous, like the one Barabara von Enger wears in the first picture, or short and sweet like the one shown by Taylor Swift below - somehow, it always adds elegance to your daily look! The first picture was taken during a fun bloggers meet-up and stroll through town last week with the fabulous Barbara - my first excursion into street fashion! Have a glam start to your week flowers, and don't let the cold bite your pretty petals!

Photos: 1: Martina Voigt-Schmid, 2: my daily, 3: Ravens Haven, 4: Star Style Inc.

Friday Art: Love the moment!

Colored leaves come flying down
like rain - our garden is filled with a soft yellow carpet that hides the green. Meanwhile i play with my new camera and with my new wellies and with soft november clouds hanging low in the mornings - such fun to sit on them and fly of to work!

Today is 11-11-2011. I'm planning to meditate with friends at 11.11 pm CET  to envision peace on earth. Thousands of people are meditating today, so, if you feel like joying in, be welcome! I think this time is very auspicious - much tension but also much hope. It's a full moon as well, and the witches say, full moons are the best times to make a wish come true ...

Photos: Martina Voigt-Schmid

Amazing Mlle Gaston!

Being entirely honest with oneself is a good exercise.Sigmund Freud
Long november evenings are great sometimes, to go to the cinema. I can't wait to see "A Dangerous Method", the new film by David Cronenberg, starring Viggo Mortensen, Michael Fassbender, Keira Knightley, Vincent Cassel - and - my lovely friend Julie Gaston, in the role of Freuds oldest daughter.
Even if the role is only small, it is very exiting to see her in a great production like this one!

Set on the eve of the World War I, A Dangerous Method is based on the turbulent relationships between fledgling psychiatrist Carl Jung, his mentor Sigmund Freud, and Sabina Spielrein, the troubled but beautiful young woman who comes between them. If you get a chance - go and see it too, would love to hear what you think!

Photos: 1: Robin Benito, 2,3,4:

Monday Love: Beautiful autumn

Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower.  
Albert Camus

 We had such a warm and sunny start into November! These pix are from a visit at my painter friends house and i love the mix of flowers, fruit and colored leaves, of fresh things and faded things, all beautifuly woven together by golden rays of november sun. Have a grape - and a sweet and lovely start to your week!

Friday art: Painted fashion

John Keats

Some collaborative painted fashion pictures by me and my friend Andrea. They were not done in fall, but to me, they fit really well into this seasons color scheme, and the silver dots might as well be raindrops or autumn mist. Are you ready for the weekend like i am? I so look forward to painting, walking, reading and some "dolce far niente", all surrounded by golden leaves!