Monday Love: The shoes of fall

I can't believe October is here, do you?  
Am in a dreamy mood, lazy, like a lizzard on a warmed by the sun stone wall. Maybe the influence of a magical full moon. But another monday is here and calls for action. Really? Since the sun is still out and warm, i'll dedicate at least one hour today to just that - sitting outside, soaking up the sun, dreaming ...  And. well - here's something to get you dreaming too - pretty shoes for fall, spotted here.
Emerson has long been a fave of mine. And although i deeply regret she doesn't model her things anymore, i still like her style! Have a bright and fresh start into the new week - step out with confidence lovelies!

Photos: Emerson Fry

What i made for dinner

Love is the wine ...
Sheikh Muzaffer Ozak

I tell you, this is good, give it a go lovelies. for a simple yet elegant little bite of comfort food.
Bruschette with creamy goat cheese and oven roasted grapes with fresh thyme and a bit of olive-oil and course se salt. They only need like 8 minutes over medium heat and give a yummy red gravy. The thyme smells so good! It really fits into the fall season as well. Where i live, we have vinyards all around and a lovely winemaker just brought us a big bag of grapes ... 

Photo: Pinterest

Monday Love: Cupcakes!

Just a sweet little something to add some sweetness to your monday - whatever else will be on your plates today. Only good things, i hope! i baked these with shredded coconut mixed into a vanila dough and the frosting is just 2/3 cream cheese with 1/3 whipped cream, sugar and lemon rind - and a drop of red food coloring for the pinkish color. Have a delicious day!

Photos : Martina Voigt-Schmid

Finding harmony

Happiness is not a matter of intensity but of balance, order, rhythm and harmony. 

Hi lovelies, how are you? Are you just as happy as i am, the weekend is here again? Today is the day of the fall equinox, day and night have the same length. It's a day that speaks harmony and balance and invites me to strengthen these things. If you like to meditate sometimes, find a wonderful inspiration at my blogfriend Victoria here.

What is your secret to find (back to) harmony?

Photos via here, here and here

French living

French living: Happy and cozy

Happy start to the week lovelies – hope it’ll b a nice one, with lts of opportunities to ejoy septembers mellow beauty! As fall starts, my mind turns to interior decorating. Don’t you love this charming appartemet of french designer Myriam Balaÿ Devidal at Nîmes? She manages o well to combine textures, colors and unique little objects to create a dreamy, happy and very individual setting for herself and her lively family.

Glam up your weekend!

Are you a fan of seqined things? 
With me, it's funny, i adore them on photos and swear i'll by me a piece soon. But in the shop i don't do it - it just seems too much. I got me a grey top with a little silver sequins border round the edges and wear it in a casual way, with skinny jeans and a red little cardi - that's how far i got. But sometimes, looking at things is almost as good as having them, and i do love the glamorous feel of these pictures. How about you? Are you going for gold?

Photos: 1st: Cupcakes andCashmere  others: Be splendid

New paintings in progress

Happiness is not something you postpone for the future; it is something you design for the present.
Jim Rohn

Happy week flowers! Just a little peek into what's happening in my studio at the moment:  a series of gold and blue chandelier paintings that capture the light and mood of a beautiful summers day - makes me smile! Have a gorgeous day!

Photos and pintings: Martina Voigt-Schmid

A room full of color

Happy weekend lovelies!
How are you these days? Do you love September as much as i do? September is a month of change - from summer to fall, from outdoors to indoors, from sundresses to something more cozy. The clear. crisp sunshiny air seems so alive in the first one of these rooms here, the yellow one!  All of these rooms have elements of bold color and some beautiful art, which is vital to me to bring an interior alive. 
Have you planned anything nice this weekend?

Photos: Tumblr. be splendid