New DIY Gallery

If times are rough ... 
Keep calm and make something!
It'll always help to make you feel better! If you're looking for some good ideas, check out my new DIY Gallery. I'm working to get all the projects i've created myself over time for this blog or for my magazine KidsLife in line for you - and adding new ones of course.
Have a bright and inspiring day!

Photo: martina Voigt-Schmid

Easy peppermint marshmallows

One can never have too much LOVE ...

and just in case you need some remedy for winter blues, i found some: Easy homemade marshmallows  from wonderful Liz, author of  Say Yes to Hoboken, a great crafty blog i recently discovered. Wouldn't these make a perfect treat for Valentines? Or, any other day between here and then, that needs a little extra attention and sweetness? Love the pink whirl and love mint - and i hope you do too! Check out the full DIY here.

Friday Art: landscapes by David Hockney

Just came back from visiting one of my best girlfriends and art-buddies, and a great exhibition in Cologne -  " A bigger picture" by british artist David Hockney -  Landscapes in bold colors and textures he has painted mostly within the last 10 years. I have always been a big fan of his work and found it amazing, how young and energetic he still is with 74, embracing new ideas and media to work with. 

Quite a number of artwork were created by him on his i-pad and then printed on big paper sheets and put together - like the first image i posted here.  This technique allows him to work very fast and spontaneous, and he uses it with masterly skill. I would never have thought that digital prints could have almost the same impact as oil-paintings - but they did in this case. And i really want to try this myself - ha, i need an i-pad!

I also visited the current exibition with paintings by my friend, Sabina. These i'll show you another time. Meanwhile, all this was really a feast for the eyes and i will digest it over the weekend, reveling in bright greens, pinks, oranges, blues and purples. Hope you're having a fabulous time lovelies - am sending you COLORS and LOVE!

Monfay Love: Pastels & Neon

Let's make winter sweet! 

Happy start to your week lovelies! As the landscape here is covered in freshly fallen snow. that transforms everything into winter-wonderland. i can't be quite as miserable about January as i was. And coming across these pretty pastel & neon decoration ideas from stylist Charlotte Lovey, i found these pix ideally suited to give winter a fresh and optimistic twist - what do you think?
If you want to see more, browse the pages of 91 magazine.

Have a sweet weekend!

Some happy colors to brighten up winter - in case you live in one of these icy regions (like me!). where the snow queen has us dancing faster and sleep longer and dream about spring!
January always seems like a white page to me. Somewhat bland and boring, after the christmas fairy has gone home and all the cookies are eaten. But also packed with promise, for an exiting new time that is just about to enfold.
Have you thought about what you'd like to achieve, or who you'd like to be in 2013?
Whatever it is - i wish you lots of success beyond your wildest dreams. Am so happy to be in touch with YOU and be a part of your journey.  
Have a very happy weekend and see you soon!

Photos: Martina Voigt-Schmid

Coffee break!

Come lovelies, take a break ... 
and have an espresso with me in the colorful mess of my studio! Nothing revives us better sometimes, than some caffeine - mixed with sweetness (yes, those papers underneath the cup are from all the italian cookies i've eaten ;)), And a good dose of vibrant colors!

I'm still trying to find my energy again. It does come back, but slower than i want to. It snows here now, and is very cold. I make plans, shape ideas and try to get a new project on it's way - more about it soon! 

Have a fabulous start to your week - 
and don't forget to 
be bold, be fearless and shine! 

 Photos: Martina Voigt-Schmid

Welcome to 2013!

What art offers is space - a certain breathing room for the spirit. 
John Updike

Howdy lovelies, how are you? Feels like i've been away for a long time now, hibernating in my den. Actually, i have been sick with a bad flu right after christmas and felt the need to just do just nothing for a while, exept being with my family and dear friends, eating a lot of good food, reading and resting.  

So - time to shake of this "jet-lagged" feeling and enjoy a shower of fresh inspiration. Welcome you all to the New Year! Can't wait to come visit and see what you have been up to. Do you have a Motto for 2013? I still look around to know, what mine is - let's see!

Paintings in this post are from the series "Wild Girls". They are available as art-prints in my shop here.