Monday Love: A shack on the beach

Ever dreamt of going away from it all? 

For a while, feeling wild and free? This beach-hut seems loke a perfect hideaway place to me.  I really like the turquoise wood wall - all colors look so vibrant against it. Looks like a lovely place to paint and write and look over the ocean. Hope the fresh sea-breeze reaches you, wherever you are, and brings a sense of adventure and new horizons to your week! 

More informations about this spot at - you can actually buy it. Read a few details:

Once part of a small fishing community, rough and ready but basic amenities and basic interior. Isolated, lonely, reached by an unmade farm track. One of a handful of similar yet different shacks. Sea and beach on one side and marshland and fields as far as the eye can see on the other. The property consists of one large living room with a small kitchen area, a bedroom leading off the living room, and a smaller room also leading off the main room. There is a wood burning stove for heating. French doors lead onto a porch and then a small area of decking which extends halfway around the southern side of the property. The shack is on a fenced plot about 60' square. There is a WC. Located in Isle of Sheppey. PLEASE NOTE THAT THERE IS NO WATER OR ELECTRICITY

Friday Pretties: Some paintings in progress

Happy friday!

A quick peek into my studio wirh an assembly of paintings – finished, unfinished ... I always like to see paintings assembled as groups, influencing each other, forming something like a tune. I can never work on just one canvas a time, there always have to be more of them. And the, looking is just as important as painting. Looking, contemplating the next step – always an adventure!

Have a fun and creative time this weekend, and be inspired by more prettieness here!  

Monday Love: Happy bunting!

Sometimes it's just small things, that make all the difference. Sweet handmade cake bunting from kiki la ru - just the touch of something special on a yummy cake! Find out more about it here


Happy  plates with a mix of old fashioned and modern - and look at the sugar bowl above! All pieces  from Ninainvorm

This lovely card is something you can make and send as as sweet surprise for someone. You find the tutorial at "How about orange", a blog brimming with creative ideas and printable freebies.

Get those little flags out!
Doesn't monday deserve some fun sometimes? Invite the good times with some bunting - even if it's just a mini one. Like on a card, a plate, or a cake. There's always some little thing that calls for a celebration, so, let the good times roll friends, and make today really special!

Friday Pretties: New shoes!

Pretty shoes 
never fail to inspire me, for somehow they seem to say so much about a person. And they ad to a person as well. Painting a shoe feels like painting a woman to me, but is lighter and more playful. These 3 paintings got sold and i recently saw them again. It's such fun to meet up with paintings in peoples houses and see, how they change the rooms, how different they look in someone elses atmosphere.

Have a happy friday - weekend, here we come! 

Paintings: Acryllic on canvas, MVS (me) 
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Monday Love: Swedish with a twist

Gudrun Sjoeden is a designer from Sweden i like. 
She has a unique style, inspired by classic folk art from the Sweden. But what i love most is her special use of colors. Somehow she manages to have a palette of colors you see nowhere else, bold and soothing at the same time, and with interesting and sometimes daring combinations.

These pictures appealed to me today, because of the atmosphere of calm, quiet but cosy, which is just what i seem to need right now. And: i WANT that chair in the first picture. Isn't it gorgeous?
Gudrun also does fashion which is lovely to look at. Also, she has all her things made in an eco-friendly, green way. See more of here things here!

All photos: Gudrun Sjoeden

Friday Pretties: Serenity

I think that the ideal space 
must contain elements of magic, 
serenity, sorcery and mystery.
Luis Barragan

Sounds a bit cryptic maybe, that quote, but somehow it it the right note for me today. Hope you can spend some time in your own ideal place this weekend, and catch some magic - in a ray of warm september sun, in creating something, in taking a walk ... something that replenishes your soul and gives you joy. I hope i'll find time to do some more watercolors!

Watercolor by MVS - me. See more Friday Prettieness here

A present

Surprise, surprise!

A lovely parcel from Canada arrived, from a dear blogland friend many of you know: sweet Koralee from Bluebird Notes. Two living-magazines, a cute blue and silver notebook and a bluebird card. I was so happy, especially since we both thought, the parcel got lost - it took weeks and weeks to arrive here, but - since the bluebird is a bringer of good news it had to succeed in the end!
Now i'm swooning in beautiful images and decorating ideas and just simply forget about the rain outside.
Thank you Koralee, you made me smile! If you haven't seen her amazing blog you must. It's full of eye candy and good ideas that brighten your day!

Fotos: MVS - moi

Friday Pretties: Watercolor fun

Hi dear friends! Have a pretty friday and a wonderful weekend!

I'm having a crazy time at the moment, lots of turmoil in business that takes so much time and energy. I need some simple pleasures now - sun, birdsong, ice-cream, a nap, a visit to your lovely blogs ... What are you craving this weekend?
Watercolor by MVS. See more Friday Prettieness here!